Grilling Glasgow: a short documentary about Glasgow’s burger scene

This is an interesting little documentary all about the Glasgow burger scene.

Omar S – Confess To U (feat. Nite Jewel) (FXHE)

May 2017 Top Ten

1. Chocolate and Peanut Torte @ Paesano Pizza
2. Gab 15 with Ilka, Dan Woodger and Mr Bingo
3. South Glen Shiel Ridge
4. Record Culture Issue 2
5. Building stone piles at the beach
6. Nike SB x GORE-TEX Jacket – Black / Black
7. Korean Dinner @ Stravaigin
8. Double Glazing
9. North X Theories Nessie Tee
10. Zone One by Colson Whitehead

Trevor Jackson – RGBPM (Utter)

Trevor Jackson created this music as part of the Optronica Festival in 2007. They were performed live on an IMAX screen with visuals. Utter are finally releasing them. If you order the vinyl, you will get download codes for the visuals and you also get a screen print. Pre-order is available at the Utter Bandcamp.

Coke Habit

Coke Habit from Dress Code on Vimeo. Thanks to my brother for pointing this one out.

The Runners

A short film asking runners some intimate questions!

Our Synths Weigh A Ton: Inside Stones Throw Studios

Mark Pritchard – Light Bodied (Warp)

It’s a year since Mark Pritchard’s Under The Sun album was released. Warp have released an extended version of the album with some new tracks and some instrumentals. Above is a video for the track Light Bodied. You can buy it over at now.


I seem to have been posting a lot of serious films recently. I am looking forward to this. Sometimes you just need some light hearted entertainment and this looks pretty good and a bit silly.


I think it is really interesting that there is a film being made about the Dunkirk evacuation. Christopher Nolan knows how to make a good looking film and I hope that the story matches how it looks visually. From the trailer, it looks like it is going to be a harrowing experience.