This is my blog. I’ve had one off and on over since 2002. Random thoughts, junk, pictures, ideas and other stuff will be posted on here. Sometimes updates will be swift and plenty and sometimes they will be slow and sparse. Some of the posts are quite old and the internet does move at a terrific pace, so some of the links don’t work and I don’t have the time to go back through everything.

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  • Hello. Came upon your blog by chance. Here’s an update on the Pirate Utopias show at Elms Lesters Painting Rooms in London.

    Go to: http://miamediarts.blogspot.com/

    It’s FUTURA and JOSE PARLA. (Not spelled PARLAIRATE) Stego mistake.

    Please make name spelling corrections on your blog site.

    See you there.

    Rey Parla

  • i love this blog… seems to be just everything i like and your much more on the case than i am haha.

  • hey……loving the site and want to send some music from Lone (www.myspace.com/lonemusic) over to you if you like??


  • Yo,

    Here’s some music I’m sure you’ll like.


    .99 Dreams

    Largely recorded live during a two day session in august, Voyage to the Prehistoric Planet, the fourth release from $.99 Dreams, brings together raw drumming, layers of analog synths, and loose horn sections into an instrumental EP which covers ground on the fringes of jazz and hip hop production. This release is available digitally through http://ninetyninecentdreams.com and http://ninetyninecentdreams.bandcamp.com/


    $.99 Dreams was formed in Brooklyn in 2007 by drummer Matt Crane and saxophonist, synth player Adam Diller to develop the area between hip-hop and free-jazz. They build the music from layers of live overdubs using drums, analog synth, horns, strings, and percussion.


    “You’re already aware of how much I love $.99 Dreams, with their hybrid of spiritual cosmic jazz, grinding hip-hop beats, and murky analogue electronics. With this release, $.99 Dreams turn up their cosmic oscillators, like a mix of Malcom Catto, Sun Ra and the Silver Apples. “2010” opens with a tribal exotic ambience, before “Meteorite” amazes with its contemporary analogue mayhem, not unlike some of dubstep’s emerging hybrid producers, and some blind siding rolling drums, very reminiscent of Malcom Catto drums, or the psych-funk drum programming of MRR-ADM . . .”
    –cyclic desfrost

    “. . . Think Sun Ra meets Lord Finesse, with the score of a Kubrick movie thrown in for good measure.”

    “Love records like this – $.99 Dreams snuck up out of nowhere, tugged on my ears and made me pay attention with nothing but pure high grade audio . . .”
    –turntable lab

  • Ditto on what Sam said in 2007.

  • Hi there,

    Just messaging to inform you that a rather extraordinary video by Mowgli for his track ‘Skydiver’ is about to drop and the first trailer has just come out. The track is off his debut album ’93’, and is coming a few weeks before his new release on DeepMedi.

    We thought it would be something you may want to blog/put it on your page as it should be right up your street.

    Vimeo –

    Youtube – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jz9KYTkJbJU

    Great page by the way, I always keep an eye on it!

    Hope you’re well,


    Dodeca Records

  • Hello,
    We look after the PR for Trevor Jackson’s METAL DANCE
    We’re releasing a 15 minute video interview tomorrow and I’d like to send you the link
    Do you have a private email address?

  • Great blog, I like the MoWax memorabilia – I don’t suppose you happen to have scans of the 12(ish) page booklet that they sent out a few years back do you?

    It promoted albums like Liquid Liquid, Sukia, and Major Force West.

  • I do have that lying about somewhere. I’ll try and dig it out and scan it soon.

  • just stumbled on this and recognised the random hair and the random mumblings, haven’t seen you in about 10 years, was listening to cash money about a month ago and you popped into my head, hope you’re well!

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