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Grilling Glasgow: a short documentary about Glasgow’s burger scene

This is an interesting little documentary all about the Glasgow burger scene.

Ride Or Fry LDN

If you ever get the chance to try Dante’s Fried Chicken, do it!

London July 2010

I was recently in London for a few days. I guess the main point of the trip was to check out Benji B‘s night called Deviation. Its on the first Wednesday of every month at Gramaphone. It was one of the best club night’s I have been to this year. Electric Wire Hustle were playing live and although I had never heard of them before they were pretty tight, check them out if you can. Joy Orbison was there as well playing a house set rather than what he usually plays, which was great, but the real reason it was great was Benji B DJing, it was just like his radio show, which I have been listening to every week for the last couple of years. It was great to hear Quest’s Smooth Skin as I went into the club. The tune that got me on the dance floor was the instrumental of Mingi by Mim Suleiman. He just played loads of great music. The venue was tiny and the drinks were reasonably priced. I’ll definitely be heading back there again next time I am in London.

As usual I checked out some shops. Bought some new t-shirts from Slam City. I bought the Penrose Triangle t-shirt from Palace, a new dry fit pocket tee by Nike SB and I also bought the Emerica charity t-shirt which sees all the money going towards the Southbank project. More info about it in the video below.

I went to an amazing Japanese restaurant called Koya. It specializes in Udon noodles. It was super busy and we were lucky to get a table looking into the kitchen. I had hot noodles with beef, which was great. I think the highlight of the meal was seaweed salad, which tasted of the sea. I also checked out the Design Museum and also the maps exhibition at the British Library. Oh yeah, I also bought this cheeky little t-shirt too.

An Interview With Dante Fried Chicken

Interview with Dante Fried Chicken from Dante Fried Chicken on Vimeo.

Dante’s Fried Chicken


Last night I had the great fortune to try out some of Dante’s Fried Chicken. Dante is a guy form New York that throughs parties and cooks some mean chicken! He also does vegetarian options of all his dishes. Last night was pretty incredible. So incredible I felt like I was going to sleep due to eating too much and decided to head home early last night. He was in Glasgow as part of the Lucky Me 2nd Birthday celebrations at The Ivy. Fox Gut Daata, Dema and Fulgeance were also performing. Sadly I missed Fulgeance, though he did have a well dodgy looking moustache.

Back to the chicken. As you can see from the picture above it was coated in breadcrumbs and seasoning. I am sure there were some almonds on mine along with seasame seeds and loads of other stuff. It was a massive bit of chicken and there was an amazing smoky, spicy BBQ sauce to go with it. It certainly had a pleasant kick, but not too much to overpower the chicken. The macaroni and cheese was amazing too. It was sweet potato curry flavour and it tasted like a really mild korma. Really sweet and it was loaded with cheese, which kinda killed me off. There was also a really delicious coleslaw on the side, with loads of fresh vegetables in it that made the meal that little bit healthier. Dessert was an amazing ginger snap banana pudding. There was some coconut in there too. I think the meal probably had about 3000 calories in it or something ridiculous. After I had finished, I felt like I had eaten a Christmas dinner was definitely in need of lying down and drinking some water.



Sypco, or the scrummy yummy pizza company is a fantastic pizza place in Glasgow. Its situated underneath Central Station on Argyle Street and specialises in New York style pizza. You can buy by the slice or you can buy a whole pie. The staff are very friendly and the pizza is the best I have tasted in Glasgow!