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The Gaslamp Killers


This is where it all started for The Gaslamp Killer. Its pretty dope. Just lots of drum breaks really. I like it. I’m in the right state of mind for this at the moment. Spotted The Prunes, UNKLE, DJ Krush Radiohead and Broadcast in there. See what you can spot. Head over to the Brainfeeder website to download this. Oh yeah, why not subscribe to the podcast at the same time?

Malcolm Catto Fabric Podcast


Malcolm Catto has produced the latest Fabric podcast. Both of them are full of interesting and weird records. I’ve always been interested in his output. His album, Popcorn Bubblefish on Mo’Wax was really weird and out there, but definitely worth a listen. I also really enjoyed his drumming on The Soul Destroyers 7″s that came out. I always regret not going to see them play live. His work in The Heliocentrics is good and he has been drumming for Mr Chop. Just ignore him when he says Broadcast have disbanded. I’m really into the Fabric podcasts. They are asking alot of interesting people to create them. Anyway, check out the tracklistings below. They have made a mistake when putting them together, so you get the tracklist for part 1 on part 2 and vice versa. Anyway, head over to the Fabric website for instructions on how to download the podcast.

Part 1:

1. Gruppo Di Improvisazione – The Feed-Back (RCA)
2. Sun Ra – Somewhere In Space (Blast First)
3. Broadcast – Dave’s Dream (Warp)
4. Unknown – Musique De Possession: Danse Serie (Ocora)
5. Lo Mejor De Sexteto Juventud – Alondra (Discos Fuentes Velvet)
6. Bo Diddley – Bo Diddley (Chess Records)
7. MRR-ADM – A1 Untitled (White)
8. Cha Cha Show – Melted Soul (Folkways Records)
9. Batacusa Escola De Samba De Cidade – Estilo Classico (Phillips)
10. Cherrystones & Andy Votel – November (Stark Reality)
11. Music In The World Of Islam – Side B Track 1 (Tangent)

Part 2:

1. The Heliocentrics – Vibrations Of The Fallen Angels (Now Again/Stones Throw)
2. The All Night Workers – Why Don’t You Smile (Barmar Music)
3. Ennio Morricone – Ill Gatto A Nova Code (General Music)
4. Michael Liggins – Loaded To The Gills (Mighty Music)
5. Peter Thomas – Co-Ordinates Meeting (Golden Ring Records)
6. Psychedlic Aliens – We’re Laughing (Polydor)
7. Tyrone Washington – Submission (Perception Records)
8. El Combo Moderno – Siena La Descarda (Regio Records)
9. Organized Konfusion – Keep It Koming (Hollywood Basic)
10. Frankie Beverley and The Butlers – Love, Your Pain Goes Deep (Gamble Records)
11. Mahmud Ahmed – Indesh Gedeaow (Hannibal Records)
12. The Soul Patrol – Peter Pan (Zuma Records)

The We Are Podcast is back!

The We Are Podcast is back. Which is great news as they had some really interesting podcasts last year.

More Info here.

Gaslamp Killer vs The Heliocentrics

Gaslamp vs Heliocentrics

The Gaslamp Killer has done a wee mix using some Heliocentrics tracks and other bits and bobs. I noticed a Danny Breaks track in there, some MRR-ADM and also a track by Nesta (AKA The Heliocentrics from back in the day).

Finders Keepers Podcast

It seems that the Finders Keepers lot have got round to producing a podcast. Wicked! First one is by Andy Votel and Dom Thomas. Check it out! Only thing is you have to register for I can’t remember my password at the moment. Come on, sort out a proper feed for it.

So I went to download this and they want to charge me 40p for downloading this without buying anything else. Bah! Can’t tell you if this is good or not.

The return of Brandysnaps

It’s great to see the return of Cherrystones and Pete Fowler‘s podcast Brandysnaps. They have revamped the site and the podcast is always full of random tunes and banter! Head over there and subsribe to the podcast.

We Are podcast

We Are Image

I recently discovered a fantastic podcast by the We Are people. It seems like they just a bunch of people to pull out some tunes, then they stick them all together for you to download. Expect some heavy hip hop beats and just all round goodness! People involved so far have beern Cherrystones, Lukid and a whole other bunch of cats! Its an ace podcast and I really recommend subscribing to it. Damn its making me want to buy some records now. Anyway, they have a website and a myspace page as well. Check it out.

Perverted Podcast!

Jonny Trunk has provided the next Fabric Podcast! I’ve not given it a full listen so far, but it did sound really interesting and weird! If you don’t know who Jonny Trunk is, then head over to the Trunk Records website and take a look. Its an amazing record label and one I wished I owned more of their stuff! Back to the point, the Fabric Podcast is pretty good and interesting! I enjoyed the Doc Scott one.

Anyway, its dead easy to subscribe to the Fabric Podcast, just go their website.

Radiohead podcast

While surfing through itunes yesterday I discovered that the whole of the webcast Scotch Mist by Radiohead is available to download for free as a podcast! Brilliant!

Clone Records podcast

clone records logo

Why did noone tell me there is a Clone records podcast? If you like electro stuff then get over and subscribe to it! Its pretty good.