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Hobbyist Magazine

Hobbyist Magazine issue 1

Hobbyist Magazine issue 1

I first heard about Hobbyist Magazine through their collaboration with Carhartt. It sounded like a really cool idea. Photos of people’s hobbies. I also read an interview with ¬†Pierre Hourquet in Lodown magazine and after this I decided to buy my own copy of the magazine to see what it is like. Initially it was a blog that turned in to a magazine. You can still buy copies at Lozenup and Flatspot.

Hobbyist Carhartt t-shirt.

DQM postcards

Dqm Postcards

In December 2011 DQM put on a skateboard photography show called Pave The Way. My friend Steve went along and picked up these postcards for me. The show featured Mofo, C.R. Stecyk III, Lance Dawes and Tobin Yelland. Each one of the photographers has a postcard in this set. It sounded like a great show, I wish I could have gone along to it.

Mr Sunday June 30th 2012

Gowanus Grove


Mister Sunday crowd

Mister Sunday DJs

Mister Sunday Crowd

Mister Sunday Crowd

Mister Sunday Crowd

Mister Sunday Crowd

Last year when I was in New York I went down to one of the Mister Sunday parties. It was amazing, great music and such a nice vibe with lots of dancing going on on a Sunday afternoon.

New York Summer 2012

Drive a yellow taxi

P and O

Rusty tram

KLM plane

I spent a month in New York during 2012. I’ve finally got round to scanning in and uploading most of my photos. Just got some slide film to get developed. You can view all the photos on my flickr page.


Instagram icon

My Instagram profile has gone live, so if you want to follow me on Instagram you can by clicking on the icon above that will take you to my feed. I try not to post up too many pictures up, but I seem to have clocked up over 1000. Not all of them are interesting, some of them I have no idea why I have put them up.

Greg Hunt – 10 Postcards

Cover of Greg Hunt's 10 postcards for Vans
Photograph of professional skateboarder Jason Dill
Photo of 2 people diving postcard

I managed to pick up this great little book of 10 post cards that Vans produced. Greg Hunt has supplied all the photographs. It’s a nice little free thing. It was available at the Vans exhibition in Slam City Skates and all good Vans stockists.

Greg Hunt Raiders Of The Archives

Greg Hunt goes through his archives for Skateboarder magazine. This made me want to log off and start doing more stuff. I feel like I waste so much time on the Internet when I could be doing something more productive. If you are interested in seeing more of Greg Hunt’s stuff, then check out this Vans Syndicate blog about him.

The Quiet Life – Camera Club Vol. 2

I really like The Quiet Life Camera Club that they have on their website. For ages I have been trying to track down their books and recently I managed to get hold of Volume 2. It’s great. I love the front cover. It’s cool to see all the different cameras and some of the shots in the book a re fantastic. I got this from Flatspot, but I think I go the last one. Anyway, you can always look on The Quiet Life website and see some great photos there too as well a some fresh clothing.

Photographs from trip to Bangalore, India.

Here are some photos from my recent trip to Bangalore in India. I took these on my iPhone. More photos to come once I get round to scanning them in.

RB Umali – iPhone Fisheye

RB Umali: iPhone Fisheye from Already Been Done on Vimeo.