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Ghost Box Halloween Playlist 2012

If you are in Glasgow, Scotland, this Hallowe’en, then Ghost Box have a night on at Mono. To get you in the mood there is a short interview with Jim Jupp over at The List.

28 Drawings Later

I’ve just watched this little documentary about a great wee art show held in Glasgow earlier this year. My friend Graeme took part in it and it was cool to see some of his work and his little interview. I helped him out by printing off his drawings for him and posting them to the exhibition. Sadly I missed it by being out of Glasgow the weekend that the show was on. Hopefully I’ll be able to attend next year’s show.

Konx-om-Pax – Regional Surrealism Trailer

Konx-om-Pax – Regional Surrealism Trailer from Planet Mu on Vimeo. This is out on the 23rd of July. I can’t wait to hear it.

Hudson Mohawke – Satin Panthers (Warp)

Stream the full EP here! Just click play. Looking forward to picking up the 12″ next week.

Point To C returns to Build + Destroy Radio

It was great to have Point To C back in the studio to do another mix. He’s always coming in and playing some good music. Anyway, you can listen to the whole show or you can download his mix. Check out the tracklist.

Walter Murch – “On The Job” (THX 1138 film sample)
Krystal Klear – “Dekryptic” (All City)
Z-3MC’s – “Triple Threat” (Radio Edit) (D.C. Recordings)
Babe, Terror – “A Capital Federal” (Appleblim & Arkist Rework) (Phantasy Sound)
Speedy J – “De-Orbit” (Plus 8 Records)
The Man Who Would Be King – “Ootah The Terrible” (film sample)
Samoyed – “Fir (Stripped)” (Flask)
Ramadanman & Appleblim – “Void 23” (AUS Music)
Sepalcure – “Every Day Of My Life” (Hotflush)
DJ Ski – “Late Night Bounce” (UKG/4×4 Mix) (DPR)
Masters At Work – “MAW Expensive” (MAW Records)
Roska & Untold – “Long Range” (Numbers)
Salva – “I’ll Be Your Friend” (Friends of Friends)
William S. Burroughs – “23 Skidoo” (mp3)
Bahwee – “Walkright” (My Hollow Drum)
Locussolus – “Little Boots” (International Feel)
Matthewdavid – “10” (Leaving Records)
Broadcast And The Focus Group – “one million years ago” (Warp)
Queen – “In The Death Cell” (Love Theme Reprise) (EMI)
Konx-Om-Pax – “7th Dimension ” (Display Copy)

Zombie Zombie – Perform The Music Of John Carpenter

This was on last year at the Glasgow Film Festival and it was amazing. I went to see them perform their soundtrack of Battleship Potemkin last week. It was amazing! Check them out if you ever get the opportunity.

Konx-om-Pax – A/V Live Jam

Liking the look and sound of this. Looking forward to see the full thing when Konx-om-Pax supports Seefeel at Glasgow School of Art Union on March the 21st.

Glasgow Film Festival 2011

I’m really looking forward to the Glasgow Film Festival 2011. Not long until the line up is announced on the 20th of January.

VJ Vitascope

Saw this on Shaun Fae Solar’s Tumblr. Awesome. Takes me back to when I first moved to Glasgow.

Zombie Zombie Plays John Carpenter (Versatile)

They did this live as part of the Glasgow Film Festival earlier this year and it was an amazing gig. I really liked it. I had wanted to see them live for ages as I had read that they were amazing. Which was true. Anyway, because they did the gig especially for the Glasgow Film Festival, it gave them the idea to record the tracks and put a record out. It is out now to buy on 12″ and CD. La Boca have done the sleeve. I am patiently waiting for mine to come through the post. Just click on the image above to check out the full EP.