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The Dazzle Ship by Ciara Phillips

I went to Leith recently to see Ciara Phillips Dazzle Ship down in the docks. Sadly it was a bit cloudy and it rained just after taking these photos, but it was brilliant to see the ship in real life. I really love the dazzle camouflage and also the colour Ciara has added to it. You can find out more about the ship on the official website. The artwork is called Every Woman and you can see some photos down below.




Nigel Peake @ Analogue Books

On Saturday the 16th of April 2011, Nigel Peake was signing his new book, In The Wilds, at Analogue Books. I love his work so I thought this was a perfect opportunity to go through to Edinburgh for a wee trip and picked up a signed book. As well as a book signing, be was also doing a wee talk about his book later on in the evening. I had a quick check out of the Brewdog Brewery pub, which was great! Excellent food too. Below are some photos of the night.

Nigel was going to be talking about his book and the story behind it. Here is a wee photo of his notes.

Turn Up The Colour

THe next exhibition to be held at Analogue Books in Edinburgh is called Turn Up The Colour. Loads of people have work in the exhibition as you can see from the flyer above. It kicks off with an opening party on the 30th of July.

The Joyful Bewilderment @ Analogue Books


Last Saturday I headed over to Edinburgh to go to Analogue Books for the opening of The Joyful Bewilderment. This show had been on in London, but Russell and Julie liked it so much they brought it to Scotland. Although not everything was on show due to space restrictions. I was impressed to see so many pieces of art in the small gallery space! Above are some photos taken with my mobile phone. There’s some great pieces in the show. Definitely worth checking out if you are in Edinburgh. The show is running until April the 28th so head on over.

Maps by Nigel Peake

Analogue books in Edinburgh is publishing another book by Nigel Peake. This one is called Maps and should be available to buy from Thursday! They are having a small show and book launch on Thursday the 6th of November at their shop. The exhibition will be up for two weeks. If you don’t already own Sheds, then I suggest you pick up a copy. It’s lovely. Also you should check out Nigel’s blog as well.

Edinburgh Tips

Mama Said

I recently went to Edinburgh. I have some amazing tips for if you are going. Mama Said is a shop located half way up Cockburn Street. It has an amazing selection of soft drinks, as well as an ok selection of booze. I recommend the soft drinks though. They had some crazy stuff! I had a can of ice cream soda, which was incredibly sweet and had a stange ginger beer after taste. Wish I had taken a photo of the can, but I didn’t. Anyway, the owner of the shop was saying that he discovered the drink when he was down in England buying a car. It was two cans for a £1. Recommended. The other tip I have is for taking the train to Edinburgh. Normally I take the bus as the train is super expensive. However, at the weekend if there are 4 of you going buy your tickets at the train station. There is a deal where it is only £20 return for all 4 people! Baragain!