I saw this at the Glasgow Film Festival earlier this year and thought it was brilliant. I did laugh quite a lot at it and my wife really enjoyed it too.

Actress – X22RME (Ninja Tune)

Marie Davidson – Adieu Au Dancefloor (Cititrax)

Grouper – Headache (Yellow Electric)

Various – Miracle Steps (Music From The Fourth World 1983 – 2017) (Optimo)

This is out in April and sounds really interesting. Lots of weird ambient music from the last 30 odd years. The sleeve looks great too.

DIAL 666 8100 – ‘UBER SPLIFF TO GATWICK’ (Ninja Tune)

This sounds suspiciously like Actress to me.

February 2017 Top Ten

1. Tomorrow’s People – Open Soul (Melodies International)
2. Joy Orbison – Fuerza (Hinge Finger)
3. Nike SB Zoom All Court CK
4. Mexican Roast Chicken
5. Voyage Of Time
6. The Lost Arcade
7. Mindhorn
8. Miles Ahead
9. Benji B’s David Axelrod Tribute
10. Greggs Chocolate Orange Doughnut

Tycoon To$h & Terminator Troops – Action (File Records)

RIP Tycoon Tosh. This track is a favourite of mine.

The Lost Arcade

The Lost Arcade is another film that I saw at this year’s Glasgow Film Festival. It tells the story of Chinatown Fair arcade in Manhattan. The documentary starts just as the arcade is shutting down. You get to explore its history but more importantly you get to meet the people that worked and played there and learn about their lives. It’s a really interesting documentary, but I am biased as I love anything to do with New York City.

Voyage Of Time

I recently caught this at the Glasgow Film Festival. We were told that we were lucky as were getting to view the 90 minute version of the film and that the released version would be cut down to 45 minutes and would appear on IMAX screens later this year. What I like about Terrence Malick’s films are that they always look stunning and this film does. It’s trying to tell the story of the creation of the universe and life on Earth. There are parts I did not enjoy, but on the whole it was a really good trip. It would like amazing on a big screen like the IMAX. My favourite parts were the bits filmed in Iceland. It was great to see them on the big screen.