Jonathan Zawada on Flume, Flowers, and Making Mathematics Beautiful

An interesting short video with Jonathan Zawada who produced the art work for Mark Pritchard‘s recent album, Under The Sun.

The Girl With All The Gifts

Hunt Of The Wilderpeople

I saw this last night and I really enjoyed it. I love the films of Taika Waititi. I think this might be his best film yet. Check it out if you are looking for a quirky comedy.

Massive Attack ft. Hope Sandoval – The Spoils (Virgin)

I do enjoy Hope Sandoval‘s voice and Massive Attack seem to be on a good comeback at the moment.

Steven Julien – Fallen (Apron)

Playgroup – Little Things (Yes Wave)

This track is from the final Playgroup EP from Trevor Jackson. This track features Keiran Hebden and Ben Cowan from 7 Hurtz who were both recording music for Output at the time. I never knew this was going to be the last track on the Playgroup album until it was replaced by the Simon Garfunkel cover, 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover with MC Shinehead.

Mark Pritchard – Beautiful People (ft. Thom Yorke) (Warp)

August 2016 Top Twenty

1. David & Carolyn’s Wedding
2. Surreal Encounters | Collecting the Marvellous
3. Bridget Riley | Paintings, 1963-2015
4. MV FINGAL Dazzle Ship by Ciara Phillips
5. Adventures In Space
6. Say Hello to: Nobody’s Home Exhibition
7. Radiohead: Meeting People Is Easy
8. REZZETT – Doyce (The Trilogy Tapes)
9. River Esk adventures
10. £1 kimchi dog @ Kimchi Cult Glasgow
11. Peanut Butter & Jelly Donut from Tantrum Donuts
12. Stranger Things
13. Melozine issue 2
14. Brooklyn Summer Ale
15. Wasabi flavoured Kit Kats
16. Striking Thoughts Bruce Lee’s Wisdom For Daily Living
17. Rebecca Oliva – Are You Afraid Of Flying?
18. Huerco S. – For Those Of You Who Have Never (And Also Those Who Have) (Proibitio)
19. Star Trek: The Next Generation
20. LG 43LH604V

Playgroup – Shadowplay – Dub #2 (Yes Wave)

Dices + AEM Rhythm Cascade – Hologram (12th Isle)