I watched this recently and really enjoyed it.

Comrie Trip November/December 2016

1. The Mackintosh Building
2. The Crannog @ Loch Ard
3. Men Without Hats – The Safety Dance (Statik Records)
4. Chocolate and Orange Tray Bake
5. Deil’s Caldron Walk
6. Fisher and Donaldson’s Famous Fudge Donut
7. Topping and Company Booksellers
8. Delivino
9. Hansen’s Kitchen
10. Lunch @ Inver

November 2016 Top Ten

1. Illum Sphere – Glass (Ninja Tune)
2. Attica Blues Present: Drum Major Instinct (X:treme Records)
3. Elstree 1976
4. A Tribe Called Quest – We Got If From Here… Thank You 4 Your Service (Epic)
5. Arrival
6. TTT NTS 17.11.16 with Rory Milanes
7. Rotorua Natural Mud Mask
8. Sports massage
9. Paterson
10. Glasgow Folk @ Govanhill Baths

Playgroup – No Lube (Yes Wave)

After releasing 9 EPs through the summer, Trevor Jackson is releasing one more EP from his Playgroup project. None of the tracks have been released before. He is also releasing a CD and digital download compilation of most of the Unreleased EP tracks.

Oh yeah, you can order t-shirts and sweatshirts with the artwork from the EPs too.

TTT NTS 17.11.16 with Rory Milanes

La Boca Discuss Their Penguin World Book Covers

Anthony Naples – Slice Of Life EP (The Trilogy Tapes)

Ghost In The Shell

Into The Inferno

Elstree 1976